R30 entrance for a night & a half :D

*Either writer is an alternative acoustic trio consisting of Masa Milovanovic (Keys + vocals), Brendon Van Rooyen (Drums and percussion) and Jason Thomas (Guitar + vocals).
A deep-seated desire to be what others before have been for us. A song that allows us to question what we have held sacred. The deep comfort that cradles us as we revel in the happy co-incidence of meeting another soul wrestling the same ghouls and ghosts within the safe confines of an honest verse. With these lofty ambitions in mind, we humbly present the emergence of Either writer.

*PurpleCry is a Cape Town based musical duo which explores genres of music ranging from alternative to progressive and acoustic rock. Licia Du Plessis and Marcel van der Westhuizen, who both have obtained a formal music education, form the acoustic and dynamic duo that is PurpleCry.

*Aaron plays the guitar and sings, covering genre’s from classic rock, to jazz, folk and pop.

Lets do this !


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