PurpleCry @ Vergenoegd 42 - Copy

PurpleCry is a dual fronted alternative rock band from Cape Town. Obsessed with the ocean and writing songs about real life. Marcel and Licia both harbour a deep passion to inspire and uplift the lives of the people that surround them. Their journey is about finding hope amidst a challenging road, putting that to paper and forming songs. Love and passion is the ultimate driving force behind PurpleCry. As Licia puts it: “We do not like to be defined by the style of music we play. Life should have a lot more head banging and dancing like no one’s watching.”

With influences ranging from Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Karnivool, Biffy Clyro, Panic! At The Disco and many more… It makes complete sense that their body of work up until this point is so diverse. Their vocal harmonies play a big part in their distinctive sound. With strong melodies, interesting rhythmical ideas, soft nuances and lyrics sprung from a strong belief in self expression they create a sound that is unique to the band. Since 2012 they’ve played in numerous towns and cities across South Africa, gaining invaluable gigging experience in a wide range of venues, and with a diverse collection of musicians. This allowed them to experiment with their live set-up, and find their ideal sound.

“We don’t just feel strongly about making music that matters but also writing songs that anyone can easily relate to. Putting smiles on peoples faces and putting a bounce in their step with our music feels like it is our calling.”

PurpleCry is not just a band, it’s a movement. To help people find the silver lining, the thing that gets them through the day and to know that they are not alone. Perhaps Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman says it best: “Often we’re strung tight like a guitar string, and the tension feels painful, but maybe, what we’re called to do as humans is to make things sing.” And that’s exactly what PurpleCry’s message is. To bring people together, in the sometimes harsh reality of everyday life, and to inspire them to be fully alive.